Wednesday, July 4, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 4

Life of Love

What's Your Favorite Childhood memory?

As odd as this sounds I blocked out a lot of my childhood. I truly do not remember many things but out of the ones I remember my favorite is when my Grandma Helen would pick up my sister and I and spend the day with us. We would go to breakfast at a place called Alfie's, I remember my sister and I would get chocolate milk and at Alfie's they put whipped cream on the chocolate milk. We thought that was the best thing ever. After breakfast we would go to Macy's in the mall and our Grandma would buy us a beach towel a piece. Not just any beach towel, later in the day we would be going to see a new movie such as Pocahontas or Hunch Back of Notre Dame, she would buy us a towel that matched the movie we were going to see. After Macy's we would go back to her house and watch TV and play until the movie started. Those days were great and I am so glad I have held onto those memories and only wish there had been more days with her.  

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