Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 2- Fall Clothes/ Trends/ Makeup

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Although I love fashion and love looking at new trends for different seasons I do not buy new clothes every season. My budget just doesn't have much room for new clothes right now. Most of my clothes in my closet are timeless pieces. I am a
t-shirt, jeans and flip flop kind of girl. I also live in Florida so our weather doesn't cool down much between summer in fall.

This fall I am really liking navy, grays, oranges and reds. As far as makeup goes I don't change it up. I might wear eye Shadow more often but other than that nothing new there.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 1 - Fall Traditions

I have decided to do a Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge with Neely and Amber!!
Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

McHunny and I don't really have any fall traditions. I would like to start some traditions for us but only have two ideas.
To go to a pumpkin patch pick out pumpkins and carve them, maybe have a contest who can carve the best.
Another idea is to go to a local corn maze, every year I hear about people going to corn mazes but we have yet to go. I wounder if they allow dogs cause that would be so fun for our little family to do together.