Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green with Envy

I have always admired others lifestyles but as of lately I have been so jealous of what others have. I do not really understand because life has been great lately. I have an amazing husband that loves me, great family and friends and a job. Even if its not a job I love its a job at this point.

I think the envy is because people all around me are buying homes, landing their dream jobs and starting families. Now Im not ready to start a family but I am soooooooooo ready for my hubby to land his dream job so then we can save up for a house:) McHunny has been job hunting and he has testing with a fire department coming up. We are praying he gets this job. Please pray for him.

I have been praying as of today about me enving others because today I realized it is becoming a problem and I need to get over it. I believe it is ok to want or even wish what others have but to not want to speak to a person because of my envy is a huge issue in my eyes. I'm sure this will pass but for now I am trying to focus on what good things I do have in my life and there are many that I am thankful for.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Ok Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

to stay up late even though you have to get up super early

to not be ready for classes to start again

to drink coffee at 6pm knowing it will keep you up late

to be obsessed with coupons right now

to not like people you work with but act like you do to get w you want (dont judge)

to still watch The Young and The Restless

to want alone time away from your spouse

to dip apples in Peanut butter

to go to the pool instead of clean the house

to waste time on pinterest

If you want to join Link up to A complete Waste of Makeup

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frogs and Snakes

McHunny and I live in an apartment complex backed up to a retention pond and when it rains the frogs come up to play. Some are the cute little green frogs while others are the big ugly toads either way Seamus wants to eat them all. He has not been successful with getting any frogs but he tries. Tonight while I was walking him there were 2 huge toads that were jumping around everywhere (I wanted to scream like a little girl) and Seamus was pulling me every which way to try to get them. One day I should let him just play with them but I heard the big toad are poisonous so maybe he can play with the cute little green frogs. Speaking of the cute little green frogs a few months ago there were babies everywhere, I am talking about hundreds and maybe even thousands of little tiny frogs all over the fences and on the apartment building. I tried to take pictures to share with you guys but it was so humid my lenses were fogging up. Anyway I was so fascinated with these little creatures I watched them for quite awhile. I think frogs are cute from afar but when they get close I am out like shout ;)

There have also been an abundance of green garden snakes that like to come up from the retention pond and play around our apartment. While walking Seamus the other day there was a good size snake possibly 3 feet and it took all my might for Seamus not to attack it. I could not get his attention he was so focused on the snake. He is so fascinated with anything that moves and that he could possibly chase. Thank goodness I can over power Seamus since he is only 55 lbs but at times its hard.

Its kind of neat to see these creatures out and about sometimes make me appreciate nature...well from afar that is...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

summer class = so done!

AAAHHHHH Im so finished with my summer class thank god!! Maybe I can enjoy my weekend by hanging by the pool. I dont want to do anything else but be lazy and hang by the pool after one crazy week. I made it very clear to McHunny to not have any expectations for the weekend but total excited!

Now if I can only fall asleep...Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Im a dreamer...

I spend hours online browsing looking at homes, places to travel, expensive clothing, and just anything that catches my eye. Sometimes I get so caught up in my day dreaming the time just passes by but I love day dreaming. I guess its my escape right now...sometimes I read or workout to escape but right now its just browsing the internet. I think another reason is because of pinterest, Im so addicted to adding new things everyday. Even before I was turned on to pinterest I just find myself dreaming.

love this...

I was browsing quotes and found this one...

What is quote that you just love??

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Final week of summer class

I have taken many summer classes throughout my college career but this summer class has seriously been kicking my booty. I am thinking my professor thinks we have nothing else to do besides read the stupid chapters and write summaries about them...what is the point?? Worst professor ever!! There is no interaction in this class once so ever and professor NEVER answers emails. Anywho thank god this is the last week and my final is due Friday at midight then its OVER. I have seriously lost sleep over this class cause Im stressing about how many words I have to write. Speaking of words am I in Middle school again??? Anywho thanks for reading my rant!

I will try to get back next week and actually post more often :)